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  • Unattached Coaches must have a swimmer entered in the meet to be on deck
  • Unattached swimmers must have a certified USA coach on deck with them at all times
  • Swimmers who are registered as Unattached, and not with any team, must be meet entered with paper entries only! This does not apply to swimmers who are Unattached because they are waiting out a 120 day transfer.
  • Swimmers who are registered as Unattached, and not with any team, must be entered into a meet with the following designation only: UN  MD. This does not apply to swimmers who are Unattached because they are waiting out a 120 day transfer.
  • ASC All Freestyle Meet            October 9, 2015                         Officials Sign Up Link
  • CBAC Fall Warm Up Meet  October 16, 2015                           Officials Sign Up Link
  • CAA Mid Distance Meet          October 24, 2015                        Officials Sign Up Link
  • ASC Mid Distance Meet           October 24, 2015
  • NBAC Fall Fastival                   October 30, 2015                        Officials Sign Up Link                                    

Upcoming Officials Clinics



    Stroke and Turn Clinic







Maryland Swimming is a
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Welcome to Maryland Swimming!!!
[Member of USA Swimming]
Maryland Swimming Incorporated
P.O. Box 255
Shrewsbury, PA 17361-0255
email address:office@mdswim.org

General Chair: John McDonough
  Maryland Swimming Office:
Pat Kaplan 
410-830-0570  Please leave a message
This website is designed to inform, educate, and communicate with the members of Maryland Swimming and members of the greater community interested in promoting, developing, or learning about competitive swimming.
All photos are contributed by Dan Phelps, NAAC dad, and are available and free to download. Click here.  

General Info and Announcements

National Select Camp:

Each fall, USA Swimming brings 60 of the top USA Swimming member athletes in the nation for a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience. Swimmers are selected from the SWIMS database of top times. During the camp, these swimmers will learn about post race recovery, drug and supplement rules, psychological training skills, nutrition, race strategy and more.
Select Camp 2015
MD Swimming Athletes Attending this fall:

Graham Linder
Jenna Miller
Brooke Travis
Maggie Manchester
Connor Wisniewski
Eric MacQuilliam
Hayley Newton
Kassandra Kesselring
Matthew Hoskins
Navon Warren
Michael Krasnitski
Alayna Nielson
Derek Nguyen
Gregory Costello
Yvonne Schere
Jacqueline Greeves
Andrew Scott
Erin Daugherty
Casey Prentice
Kaleigh Hanson
Katie Mullaney
Kevin Lin

Eric Scholz   

Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame Luncheon

CONGRATULATIONS TOM HIMES (click to read the story)

2014-15 ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year

Jessica Long NBAC/LOYO honored at the USA Swimming Convention as Naional  Disability Athlete of the Year. (again!)

MD Swimming Referee and former MD Swimming Treasurer, Jamie Cahn, honored at the USA National Convention with a Lifetime USA Swimming Membership

License Plate How To

Congratulations to all of our 2014-15 Scholastic All Americans
(and their proud parents).

Stefan Bay    ASC
Annie Hayburn    ASC
Alexander Gliese    CAA
Theresa Cotter    CAA
Alice Treuth    CAST
Brad Shannon    CBAC
Emma Scott    CBAC
Abigail Merriman    CGA
Tyler Kim    EST
Jacob Lamparella    EST
Matthew McGoey    EST
Thomas Shorter    EST
Benjamin Skopic    EST
Amanda Chabbott    EST
Robert Oland    FCY
John Pressly    FCY
Connor Ganley    GBSA
Jeffrey Tse    GBSA
Nolan Plant    JCC
Kevin Zgorski    LBA
Mary Clancy    LBA
Hannah Gouger    LBA
Timothy Verby    MAC
Eliza Manning    MAC
Sarah Wilson    MAC
William Dougherty    NAAC
Willian IV Roberts NAAC
Josh Tosoni    NAAC
Zachary Piedt    NAVY
Raphael Bechtold    NBAC
Abdrew Blomquist    NBAC
Jason Ewart    NBAC
Daniel Golczewski    NBAC
Megan Fields    NBAC
Katherine McComas    NBAC
Selah Peacock    NBAC
Sierra Schmidt    NBAC
Kelly Long    RAC

​​​​​​​​Supporting the MD Swimming Scholarship Program
The MD Swimming License Plate Program is Back!!!! 
Get Yours Early to get a low "status" number...click here to see how

Congratulations to our 2015 Maryland Swimming Scholarship Winners:

Grace Huckenpoehler, CGA, Loyola University of Maryland
Brittany Kim, EST, Amherst College
Katie McComas, NBAC, University of South Carolina

Amanda Meinschein, FAST, Dickinson College
Jeffrey Tse, GBSA, Swathmore College

Molly Updegraff, MAC,  St. Louis University

AAAA Bag Tag
Make sure you get yours - Swim a new AAAA time in an event then make sure your coach requests your tag

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The 2016 U.S. Olympic swim trials in Omaha, Nebraska, will take place June 26-July 3.

Olympic Trials Qualifying Times Announced

Answers to FAQ:

Why don't we hold swim meets at University of MD College Park?
The University, located in PG County, is not a part of Maryland Swimming and is currently not available to us. Maryland Swimming does not include PG or Montgomery Counties - they belong to Potomac Valley Swimming, who has the rights to the UM pool..

Why is the concession food not really for swimmers, or very limited in selection, at many meets?
Many facilities that are rented for a swim meet, have food services that we are required to employ - teams can not bring in their own food to sell or their own food vendors into the venue. With those large Facility Concession Vendors, there is no leeway in what food they offer for sporting events - or any type of event. Many of our meet hosts have attempted to discuss this with the vendors, but it is not feasible, or profitable, for them to purchase different (healthier) items for a swim meet - than they would sell at a basketball game or football game or a concert. Best suggestion for your swimmer - have them bring a small cooler, or insulated bag, packed with what they like to eat!
Don't blame the meet host - in more and more facilities, they have absolutely no control over the concessions.

Questions you would like answered - email office@mdswim.org  include your name for a personal reply.

Keeping Up With DECK PASS

USA Swimming continues  to improve Deck Pass for the swim community and frequently gets asked, “how can we promote this to our parents and athletes.” :

What is Deck Pass?

How to Promote Deck Pass to Parents 

USA Swimming's New Safe Sport Page! Click Here

All USA Teams must now have a Bullying Policy and an Electronic Communication Policy in place. Both are mandated by USA Swimming and are to be agreed to by all coaches,athletes and parents on each club..


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