Upcoming Officials Clinics

    Stroke and Turn Clinic

    Monday, March 30, 2015
    Columbia Aquatics Office
    9450 Gerwig Lane
    Columbia, MD
    7 PM
    Facilitator: Tom Deboissiere

    Thursday, May 28, 2015
    Columbia Aquatics Office
    9450 Gerwig Lane
    Columbia, MD
    7 PM
    Facilitator: Tom Deboissiere


    Tuesday, March 31, 2015
    Columbia Aquatics Office
    9450 Gerwig Lane
    Columbia, MD
    7 PM
    Facilitator: Tom Deboissiere

    Monday, June 8, 2015
    Columbia Aquatics Office
    9450 Gerwig Lane
    Columbia, MD
    7 PM
    Facilitator: Tom Deboissiere





Saturday, June 13, 2015
Between Sessions
Meadowbrook Aquatic Center
5700 Cottonworth Avenue
Baltimore MD
Facilitator: Bob Griffiths, Tampa Florida
Betsy Coe

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Board of Directors

Maryland Swimming Office

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New Board Members Elected at the 2013 June House of Delegates Meeting. Each will serve for 2 years.

General Chairman John McDonough John McDonough
Administrative Vice-Chair Anna Summerfield vicechair@mdswim.org
Ex Officio Raymond Brown Raymond Brown
Senior Vice-Chair Scott Ward senior@mdswim.org
Age Group Vice-Chair Tom Himes thimes@nbac.net
Treasurer Fred Manning times@mdswim.org
Secretary Wade Atkins secretary@mdswim.org
Coaches Rep/Zone Team Mgr Jeff Scrivener coaches@mdswim.org
Office/ Registration/Club Development Pat Kaplan office@mdswim.org
Senior Athlete Rep  Ben Costello
Junior Athlete Rep Allison Hu
Technical Planning Pat Underwood/
Matt McDonough
Awards Jennifer Frediani awards@mdswim.org
Top 10/NTV/Records Coordinator Fred Manning times@mdswim.org
Safety Chairman Bill Kirkner safety@mdswim.org
Safe SportChair Raymond Brown Raymond Brown
Officials Chair Linda Sue Lottes officials@mdswim.org
Distance/Open Water/Camps Chris Swensen openwater@mdswim.org
Equipment Coordinator Rick Ewart equipment@mdswim.org
Disability Swimming Andrew Barranco disability@mdswim.org
Diversity Liason Bill Kirkner safety@mdswim.org
Nomination Committee Chair Tom HImes
Hall of Fame John Cadigan halloffame@mdswim.org
Board of Review Chair Bill Kirkner review@mdswim.org
At Large Chad Cradock ccraddock@umbc.edu
At Large Cathy Kalisz cathykalisz@yahoo.com
At Large Athlete Erin Daugherty RAC
At Large Athlete  IConnor Ganley GBSA
At Large Athlete  Gregory Gee II BCSC
At Large Athlete  Sydni Layton AESC
 At Large Athlete Remington Oland FCY
At Large Athlete  Jeff Tse GBSA

Trivia Question

Winner Gets a $15 i-Tunes Gift Card

Any registered MD Swimming swimmer is welcome to play!!!

New Question:
March is Championship Month! Again this year, we will offer a chance to win every week during Championship Month - that means 5 Championship Meets - 5 chances!

Final Champs Month  Question:  Martin Strel is a 60 year old Slovenian long-distance swimmer, best known for swimming the entire length of various rivers. Strel holds successive Guinness World Records for swimming the Danube river, the Mississippi River, the Yangtze River, and the Amazon River. What is his motto?

Swimmers who have answered correctly:
Victoria McArthur, Jeffrey McArthur, Connor Guidera, Lance Rombro,, Natasha Elliott, Owen Schulze, Matthew Arter, Ryan Miller, Averey Johnson, Katie Zgorski, Rachel McCoy, Jonathan Zhao

Last Week's Winner: Rebecca McArthur, CAA


Last Week's Answer: Snorkel

Check out Previous Trivia Questions

Please email your answers to webmaster@mdswim.org by 8PM Sunday, March 29,2015

How to play 

Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all of the correct answers submitted.

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