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    Meet Directors

    Here is the link for the mandatory Meet Director's Certification test:
    Meet Directors Test

    Every Meet Director, in addition to being a registered member of USA Swimming, must be certified by Maryland Swimming in order for a meet to be Sanctioned or Approved. The Meet Director listed on the Meet notice, must be the actual Meet Director in position at the meet.

    Below is a listing of Grandfathered Meet Directors who do not have to take the test at this time.
    Rahim Booth, Raymond Brown, Terri Bush, Brooke Carter, Ken DeGruchy, Larry Dukes, Rob Fox, Rick Ewart, Jeff Hiestand, Tom Himes, Christie Hunter, Sam Lapan, Scott Marsden, Susan McDonald, Matt McDonough, Brendan McElroy, Peggy McKissick, Nicole Roberts, Lee Roby, Keith Schertle, Chris Swensen, Patrick Underwood, Jeff Hiestand, Cathy VanNetta     

    Newly Certified & Re-Certified Meet Directors: Tom Himes. Katie Jenkins, Jamie Schertle, Keith Schertle, Bridgette Acchione, Maureen Mead, Mike Kremer, Diane Lambird, Casey Brandt, Kimberley Beall, Kelly Koch, Tracy Godey, George Higley, Chris Pilcher, Sam Pilcher, Gary Bilyeu, Kimberlie Daugherty, Gary Clement, Clarke Nyman

    Any questions regarding the certification process, please contact Matt McDonough at coachmcdonough@gmail.com

    click here for Meet Directors Guide:
    Steps for Running an Effective and Efficient Swim Meet.

      Fees Payable to Maryland Swimming
    Effective 9/1/2013
    Meet Sanction if Entry Fees are Charged $30
    Meet Sanction if No Entry Fees are Charged $275
    Meet Approval $30
    Meet Observation $30
    Entry Fee Percentage 15%
    Equipmant Rental (rickewart1@gmail.com) $300 first session
      $25 each additional session
    Radio Only Rental - MSI Meets $25 First session
      $12.50 each additional session
    Radio Only Rental - non MSI Meets $30 per session
    Over Subscription Fee (Any session lasting 300 or more minutes after published starting time) $125-$250                                                         MSI Rules & Regulations Table
    Fine if: Meet Accounting Form, Payment of all Meet Fees and Post Meet Manager Report are not submitted within 30 days of last day of Meet. $100
    A Meet Accounting Form must be submitted for any meet receiving an MSI Sanction # , Meet Observation Approval or any other meet having individual results entered into SWIMS.

    ALL accounting forms and checks need to be sent to:
    Maryland Swimming  (within 30 days of last day of the meet)
    P.O.Box 255
    Shrewsbury, PA 17361
    * Checks made payable to

    For all meet administration or operation information, refer to the document below. 

    Trivia Question

    Winner Gets a $15 i-Tunes Gift Card

    Any registered MD Swimming swimmer is welcome to play!!!

    New Question:

    The introduction of goggles to competitive swimming in the late 1960's is widely regarded as one of the greatest transformational technological advances in the history of the sport. Prior to their introduction, the amount of time swimmers could spend training or swimming distances, was limited by the harmful effects of chlorine and salt water on the eyes.
    Who was the first swimmer to wear goggles in International pool competition, and what country was he from?

    Swimmers who have answered correctly: John Fitzsimmons, Lance Rombro, Jonathan Daniel, Evan Weber, Anna Mason, Tess Beckett, Maddie Dooley, Lauren Waire, James Petrera, Ryan Miller

    Last Month's Winner : Lauren Waire, NBAC

    Answer: 10K

    Check out Previous Trivia Questions

    Please email your answers to webmaster@mdswim.org by August 12, 2014

    How to play 

    Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all of the correct answers submitted.

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