Upcoming Officials Clinics

    Stroke and Turn Clinic

    Turbush Invitational
    Note new times!
    September 20, 2014
    7:45 AM Prior to AM Session
    11:45 PM Prior to PM Session
    St. Mary's College
    O'Brien Athletics & Rec Center
    Facilitated by Adam Scott
    Adam Scott

    Annual Official's Clinic
    September 27, 2014
    JCC at Owings Mills
    3506 Gwynnbrook Avenue
    Owings Mills, MD 21117
    Registration 7:45 AM
    Rooms TBD

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    Stroke and Turn Clinic
    Monday, October 6, 2014
    U.S. Naval Academy
    Lejeune Hall (Pool)
    Upstairs Classroom
    6:30 PM
    Facilitator and Contact:
    Shana Carella

    Stroke & Turn Clinic

    Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014
    6 PM
    McDonogh School - Osborne Room
    Facilitated by: Holly Chabbott
    Contact: Holly Chabbott

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    Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame

       MD Swimming Hall of Fame 
    • Nominations may be made by any member of Maryland Swimming at any time. Email John Cadigan at halloffame@mdswim.org

    Conoco-Phillips Outstanding Service Award Winners

    Brandy Wood Haynes - Honor Swimmer
    Keith Mills - Honor Contributor
    Beau Wiebel - Honor Swimmer
    The Old LHS Pool - Honor Contributor

    Whitney Phelps Flickinger  - Honor Swimmer
    Tommy Hannan - Honor Swimmer


    Anita Nall – Honor Swimmer
    Murray Stephens – Honor Coach

    Beth Botsford – Honor Swimmer
    John Thomas Himes, Jr. - Honor Coach

    Sid Burkot - Honor Coach
    Michele Kurtzman - Honor Athlete
    Brad Schumacher – Honor Athlete


    Pat Kaplan – Honor Contributor
    Whitney Metzler – Honor Athlete

    Julie Kole - Honor Athlete 

    KCO Swim Team  - Honor Team


    Julia Gorman - Honor Athlete
    Jill Johnson Chasson – Honor Athlete

    Carol Chidester - Honor Coach
    John J. Higgins - Honor Coach

    Frank Comfort - Honor Coach
    Larry Peacock - Honor Contributor
    Raymond Webb Thompson - Honor Athlete

    Doug Brown – Honor Contributor 
    Polly Winde Surhoff – Honor Athlete
    The Evening Sun Meet  - Honor Contributor


    Tami Paumier - Honor Athlete
    Anna McCleary Marriott - Honor Athlete
    Elizabeth McCleary Primrose Smith - Honor Athlete

    Kim Shettle Keller - Honor Athlete
    Ellen Feldmann Roberts - Honor Athlete

    Flo Bell - Honor Coach
    Bonnie Glasgow Rhodes - Honor Athlete


    James Dunleavy - Honor Contributor
    John McCleary – Honor Contributor

    Theresa Andrews –Honor Athlete
    Patrick Kennedy – Honor Athlete
    Wendy Weinberg Weil - Honor Athlete


    John Considine – Honor Contributor
    Dick Flugrath – Honor Contributor
    Timothy Pierce - Honor Coach

    Arthur "Reds"Hucht - HonorCoach

      Trivia Question

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      Any registered MD Swimming swimmer is welcome to play!!!

      Swimmer's Cave
      New Question:

      New Question: On the walls of Swimmer's Cave, Stone Age people, 10,000 years ago,  can be seen swimming what stroke? (What is the oldest swimming stroke?) 

      Swimmers who have answered correctly: Lance Rombro, Ryan Miller, Ivan Ose, Brendan Lee, James Petrera, Lily Bussey, Jonathan Zhao, Jadyn Atkins, Sasha Shandrenko, Taylor Thomas, Leila McCloskey

      Last Month's Winner: Caroline Hill, BAAC

      Answer: USA, Canada, Australia and Japan

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      Please email your answers to webmaster@mdswim.org by October 12, 2014

      How to play 

      Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all of the correct answers submitted.

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