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    Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame

       MD Swimming Hall of Fame 
    • Nominations may be made by any member of Maryland Swimming at any time. Email John Cadigan at halloffame@mdswim.org

    Conoco-Phillips Outstanding Service Award Winners

    Brandy Wood Haynes - Honor Swimmer
    Keith Mills - Honor Contributor
    Beau Wiebel - Honor Swimmer
    The Old LHS Pool - Honor Contributor

    Whitney Phelps Flickinger  - Honor Swimmer
    Tommy Hannan - Honor Swimmer


    Anita Nall – Honor Swimmer
    Murray Stephens – Honor Coach

    Beth Botsford – Honor Swimmer
    John Thomas Himes, Jr. - Honor Coach

    Sid Burkot - Honor Coach
    Michele Kurtzman - Honor Athlete
    Brad Schumacher – Honor Athlete


    Pat Kaplan – Honor Contributor
    Whitney Metzler – Honor Athlete

    Julie Kole - Honor Athlete 

    KCO Swim Team  - Honor Team


    Julia Gorman - Honor Athlete
    Jill Johnson Chasson – Honor Athlete

    Carol Chidester - Honor Coach
    John J. Higgins - Honor Coach

    Frank Comfort - Honor Coach
    Larry Peacock - Honor Contributor
    Raymond Webb Thompson - Honor Athlete

    Doug Brown – Honor Contributor 
    Polly Winde Surhoff – Honor Athlete
    The Evening Sun Meet  - Honor Contributor


    Tami Paumier - Honor Athlete
    Anna McCleary Marriott - Honor Athlete
    Elizabeth McCleary Primrose Smith - Honor Athlete

    Kim Shettle Keller - Honor Athlete
    Ellen Feldmann Roberts - Honor Athlete

    Flo Bell - Honor Coach
    Bonnie Glasgow Rhodes - Honor Athlete


    James Dunleavy - Honor Contributor
    John McCleary – Honor Contributor

    Theresa Andrews –Honor Athlete
    Patrick Kennedy – Honor Athlete
    Wendy Weinberg Weil - Honor Athlete


    John Considine – Honor Contributor
    Dick Flugrath – Honor Contributor
    Timothy Pierce - Honor Coach

    Arthur "Reds"Hucht - HonorCoach

      Trivia Question

      Winner Gets a $15 i-Tunes Gift Card

      Any registered MD Swimming swimmer is welcome to play!!!

      New Question:

      The introduction of goggles to competitive swimming in the late 1960's is widely regarded as one of the greatest transformational technological advances in the history of the sport. Prior to their introduction, the amount of time swimmers could spend training or swimming distances, was limited by the harmful effects of chlorine and salt water on the eyes.
      Who was the first swimmer to wear goggles in International pool competition, and what country was he from?

      Swimmers who have answered correctly: John Fitzsimmons, Lance Rombro, Jonathan Daniel, Evan Weber, Anna Mason, Tess Beckett, Maddie Dooley, Lauren Waire, James Petrera, Ryan Miller, Emily Xu, Melody Jones, Lindsey Bartlett

      Last Month's Winner : Lauren Waire, NBAC

      Answer: 10K

      Check out Previous Trivia Questions

      Please email your answers to webmaster@mdswim.org by August 12, 2014

      How to play 

      Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all of the correct answers submitted.

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