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    Who to Ask

    Please direct your questions on the following topics to the emails listed below :


    Maryland Swimming Office - office@mdswim.org

    – Contact Jennifer Fredianni awards@mdswim.org 

    • Maryland Swimming Champ Meet Awards
    • "All Maryland" Certificates
    • Coaches of the year
    • Swimmers of the year
    • AAAA Bag Tags
    • This does not include any club-run meets.


    Disability – Contact Andrew Barranco disability@mdswim.org

    • Finding A Swim Club
    • Participating in Swim Meets


    Contact Bill Kirkner diversity@mdswim.org  


    • Finding a Swim Club
    • Qualifying for Outreach Funding
    • Finding a Learn to Swim Program


    Equipment – Contact Rick Ewart equipment@mdswim.org

    • Renting Equipment
    • Picking up or Returning Equipment
    • Damaged Equipment


    Grant Program – Contact Pat Kaplan mdswimoffice@mdswim.org

    Hall of Fame
    - Contact John Cadigan halloffame@mdswim.org

    • Banquet Questions
    • Nominations

    Judicial Board of Review – Contact Bill Kirkner review@mdswim.org


    Maryland Swimming Board of Directors – Contact John McDomough: chairman@mdswim.org

    • Volunteering
    • Submitting Ideas or Suggestions
    • Rules, Policies and Regulations
    • House of Delegates


    Meet Schedule - Contact Pat Underwood meets@mdswim.org

    • April Schedule Meeting
    • Technical Planning and Questions
    •  Meet Sanctions, Approvals, Observation Numbers (office@mdswim.org)

    Minutes – Contact Wade Atkins secretary@mdswim.org


    Money – Contact Fred Manning times@mdswim.org

  • MD Swimming budget
  • Funding for Unattached Athlete who attends a National Meet
  • Athlete and Non Athlete Reimbursements Contact : office@mdswim.org

      Officials – Contact Linda Sue Lottes officials@mdswim.org

      • Blue Card
      • How to become an Official
      • Funding for an Official who officiates at a National Meet
      • Fees


      Records and Time Verification - Contact Fred Manning times@mdswim.org

      • MD and USA Swimming Top 10
      • Times and Swimmer Listings in SWIMS
      • State Records


      Registration – Contact: office@mdswim.org

      • Athlete
      • Non-Athlete
      • Club registration
      • Transfers
      • How to Start a New Club
      • Required Coach Certifications
      • Lost Membership Card
      • Unattached Athletes or Coaches


      Safety – Contact Bill Kirkner bkirkner@jcc.org

      • Swim Meet Safety Director Responsibilities
      • Club Safety Coordinator Responsibilities


      Website - Contact: webmaster@mdswim.org

      • Questions or Comments about the website
      • Trivia
      • Job Postings



      Zone Meet Info – Contact Jeff Scrivener coaches@mdswim.org 

      • Fees
      • Clothing
      • Travel and Hotels
      • Unattached Swimmers - How to enter the meet
      • Coach Deck Passes

        Trivia Question

        Winner Gets a $15 i-Tunes Gift Card

        Any registered MD Swimming swimmer is welcome to play!!!

        New Question:

        The introduction of goggles to competitive swimming in the late 1960's is widely regarded as one of the greatest transformational technological advances in the history of the sport. Prior to their introduction, the amount of time swimmers could spend training or swimming distances, was limited by the harmful effects of chlorine and salt water on the eyes.
        Who was the first swimmer to wear goggles in International pool competition, and what country was he from?

        Swimmers who have answered correctly: John Fitzsimmons, Lance Rombro, Jonathan Daniel, Evan Weber, Anna Mason, Tess Beckett, Maddie Dooley, Lauren Waire, James Petrera, Ryan Miller, Emily Xu, Melody Jones, Lindsey Bartlett, Greta Peacock

        Last Month's Winner : Lauren Waire, NBAC

        Answer: 10K

        Check out Previous Trivia Questions

        Please email your answers to webmaster@mdswim.org by August 12, 2014

        How to play 

        Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all of the correct answers submitted.

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