Upcoming Officials Clinics


    June 14, 2016
    7:00 PM
    River Hill Pool, Columbia MD
    Meeting Room is right next to the pool
    6330 Trotter Road
    Clarksville, MD
    Facilitator: Dipper Wettstein






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Previous Trivia Questions

April 3, 2016:
What has USA Swimming just declared as their official Recovery Drink?
Answer: Chocolate Milk
Winner: Kobe Samuel, MSC

March 27, 2016:
What will be the first pool swimming event of the 2016 Olympics?
Answer: 400 M IM

March 20, 2016:
Goin’ down to Rio in style!! Caeleb Dressel hopes to win gold in Rio in the 50 M Freestyle. What is his time in the 50 YARD Free?

Answer: 18.23

March 13, 2016:
What was the name of the Indian TRIBE living in St. Mary’s City, noted for their skills with a bow and arrow, that Lord Calvert peacefully purchased the land from?
Answer: The Yaocomaco Indians
Winner: Madison Hooper

March 6, 2016:
Before 1952 the Butterfly was not considered a separate stroke, so the IM was a 300 IM: Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. In 1954 Butterfly became a mandatory part of the new 400 IM. Who currently holds the men’s 4oo Meter LC IM World Record?
Answer: Michael Phelps
Winner: Yael Garcia, MAC

February 28, 2016 - Start of Championship Month
St. Mary’s City was Settled in 1634 by British people escaping religious prosecution in their homeland. They wanted, to establish the first colony for Religious Freedom (between Catholics and Protestants) in the New World. What were the names of the 2 ships that brought the colonists to St. Mary’s City?
Answer: the Ark & The Dove
Winner: Zack Spain, CAC

February 12, 2016
Where will the 2020 Summer Olympics be held?
Answer: Tokyo Japan
Winner: Tim Davis, BAAC

January 12, 2016
What world famous Victoria Secret model, and NFL football wife, is from Brazil? Name the model (she is best known by her first name only) AND her NFL quarterback husband.
Gisele and Tom Brady
Ally VanNetta, CAA

December 12,2015

The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of  the father of the Greek gods and goddesses. The festival and the games were held in Olympia, a rural sanctuary site. The Greeks that came to the Sanctuary at Olympia shared the same religious beliefs and spoke the same language. The athletes were all male citizens of the city-states from every corner of the Greek world, coming from as far away as Spain in the west and Turkey in the east. The sanctuary was named after Mt. Olympus , the highest mountain in mainland Greece. In Greek mythology, Mt. Olympus was the home of the greatest of the Greek gods and goddesses. Who was the father of the Greek Gods and Goddesses in whose honor the Olympic Games were held?
Answer: Zeus
Winner: Jordan Kasoff, JCC

November 12, 2015
In a symbolic gesture to unite the Latin American Countries with the Mediterranean Countries where the first Olympics were celebrated, the Olympic Flame for the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City, traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from Greece and retraced the route of what famous explorer?
Answer: Christopher Columbus
Winner: Julia Luljak, MSC

October 12, 2015
Around 400 BC, the great philosopher, Plato, was a double winner Olympian - in what ancient sport?
Answer: Pankration
Winner: Will Turney, FAST

August 12, 2015
Ryan Lochte just was DQ'd for doing what in his latest 50 Meter Freestyle Race?
Swimming the entire 50 Meters underwater
Jessica Berry, FSC

July 12, 2015
Who is the only swimmer ever, male or female, to hold American records in every stroke?
Tracy Caulkins
Sydney Atkins (UN) NAAC

June 12, 2015
The name "Rio de Janeiro" is Portuguese, what does it mean?
River of January
Lance Rombro, NBAC

May 12, 2015
What is my name?  I am the Olympic Games mascot, a mixture of all the Brazilian animals. I was born out of the explosion of joy that happened when they announced that Rio would host the Olympic Games, on 2 October 2009.
Answer: Vinicius
Winner: Nicole Appiani, ASC

March 29, 2015
Question: Martin Strel is a 60 year old Slovenian long-distance swimmer, best known for swimming the entire length of various rivers. Strel holds successive Guinness World Records for swimming the Danube river, the Mississippi River, the Yangtze River, and the Amazon River. What is his motto?
"swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters."
Winner: Matthew Arter, RAC

March 22, 2015

Question:  Elephants can swim 20 miles using their trunks as a ________.
Answer: Snorkel
Winner: Rebecca McArthur, CAA

March 15, 2015
There is a style of Xtreme surfing, in areas of Hawaii and South Africa, where the surfer, in order to ride a 30- 40 ft wave, does not paddle out to the wave - instead they are taken right into the wave by Jetski..what is this style of surfing called?
Answer: Tow-In Surfing
Winner: Nathaniel Brewer, RAC

March 8, 2015
President Obama's White House Communications Director, Jen Psaki swam backstroke for the 2nd oldest College in the United States. Located in Virgina, what is the name of the College that she swam for?
Answer: The College of William and Mary
Winner: Emily, Kopp, ACA

March 1, 2015

Question:The Songhua River in China holds an annual swim meet - what is the pool made of?
Answer: Ice
Winner: Zuilda Nwaeze, CAA

February 12, 2015
Question: President John F. Kennedy, a backstroker, was on the first Harvard Swim Team to ever defeat their arch rival_____________. What is the name of the Ivy League School he helped beat for the first time?
Answer: Yale
Winner: Isabelle Erb, GTAC

January 12,2015
Benjamin Franklin was an avid swimmer from a very young age. Throughout his life he consistently promoted its healthful benefits. At the ripe old age of 11 he invented a pair of swim fins. What was the obvious major difference between the fins he invented and the ones you use today in practice?
Answer: There are actually 2 correct answers: They were made out of wood and they were for his hands. He called them "Fins" but they were more like the modern era "hand paddles"
Winner: Averey Johnson, MAC

December 12, 2014

An instructor said, “You are going to love this. Drown-proofing is one of my favorites. Sink or swim, sweet peas.”I tied my feet together, and my swim partner tied my hands behind my back.“When I give the command, the bound men will hop into the deep end of the pool,” Instructor Stoneclam said. “You must bob up and down 20 times, float for five minutes, swim to the shallow end of the pool, turn around without touching the bottom, swim back to the deep end, do a forward and backward somersault underwater, and retrieve a face mask from the bottom of the pool with your teeth.”The hardest part for me was swimming the length of the pool and back with my feet tied together and hands tied behind my back. I had to flip around like a dolphin."
What elite organization (and it's number) would this man have been in training for?
Answer: Seal Team Six
Winner: Mia Mesceda, NBAC

November 12, 2014

Question: Olympians in our midst! Frederik Hviid, MAC coach, represented Spain in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics in the 1500 Free. Emad Elshafei, CAA Official, represented Egypt in the 1984 Olympics in the 100 Back, the 200 Back and the 200 IM. What cities were the 1984, 1996 and 2000 Olympics held in?
Answer: Los Angeles, Atlanta and Sydney
Winner: Taylor Thomas, FAST

October 12, 2014

Question: On the walls of Swimmer's Cave, Stone Age people, 10,000 years ago,  can be seen swimming what stroke? (What is the oldest swimming stroke?
Answer: Breastroke (they imitated the movements of the frogs they saw)
Winner: Maggie Tanner, SPY

September 12 ,2014
Question:The Pan Pacific Swimming Championships are held every 4 years and are considered one of the fastest meets in the world, behind the Olympics. This year the meet is in Australia in late August. The Head Coach for the USA Team is Bob Bowman of NBAC, and NBAC has 6 of the 60 team members. What four countries are the Charter Members of the Pan Pac Championships?
Answer: USA, Canada, Australia and Japan
Caroline Hill, BAAC

August 12, 2014
Question: The introduction of goggles to competitive swimming in the late 1960's is widely regarded as one of the greatest transformational technological advances in the history of the sport. Prior to their introduction, the amount of time swimmers could spend training or swimming distances, was limited by the harmful effects of chlorine and salt water on the eyes. Who was the first swimmer to wear goggles in International pool competition, and what country was he from?

Answer: David Wilkie, Sri Lanka, Scotland or England

Winner: Emily XU, EST

July 12, 2014

What is the distance of the USA Swimming National Open Water Championship Race?

Answer: 10 K
Winner: Lauren Waire, NBAC

June 12, 2014

The Backstroke, or back crawl, is often referred to as "the ____________   ____________ freestyle"(fill in the blanks)
Answer: "upside down"
Winner: Isaiah Johnson, NAAC

May 12, 2014

2 Part Answer! Chase Kalisz from NBAC and the University of Georgia, just broke American, US Open and NCAA Records at the 2014 Men's NCAA Championships - Who held the American Record and what event did Chase break those records in?
Answer: Tyler Cleary 400IM
Winner: Brendan Lee, NBAC

April 12, 2014
The comic gameplay involves swimming up a river while avoiding logs and various marine life. The player collects fruit to score points and power up to knock enemies out. Players could swim from side to side to avoid obstacles, or press a button to dive under them. The aim of the game is to swim until the character reaches the treasure island.What is the name of this Xbox video game? (It was last released as part of the Tecmo Classic Arcade Collection)Answer: SWIMMER

Winner: Tess Becket, NBAC

March Championship Month, 2014
Question: Who was the first woman in the world to go under a minute in the 100 LCM Backstroke?
Answer: Natalie Coughlin

Winner #1 - Matthew McGoey, EST
Winner #2 - Madeline Skalski, NAAC
Winner #3 - Graham Lindner, LBA
Winner #4 - Ally VanNetta, RAC

February 12, 2014
:The USNA Pool is used to host the MD Swimming SC Championship Meet each year. Each midshipman must jump off the 3-meter high dive, in uniform, in order to graduate. All midshipmen must also complete an endurance swim, also in uniform. What is the name of the Pool and what branch of service was the person in, that the pool is named for?

Answer: Lt. General John Archer Lejeune, Commandant Marine Corps

Winner: Will Stocksdale, LBA

January 12, 2014
QUESTION:  Who is this man with Michael Phelps and why is he famous?

Answer: Pele, Considered to be the world's greatest soccer player ever.
Winner: Tom Hiebler, MAS

December 12, 2013
In 1922, this man became the first person to swim the 100 m in less than a minute, using a six kicks per cycle Australian crawl. He started the golden age of swimming, winning five Olympic medals and 36 national championships and never losing a race in his ten-year career, until he retired from swimming and started his second career starring as Tarzan in film. His record of 51 seconds in 100-yard  freestyle stood for over 17 years. Who was this man?
Answer: Johnny Weissmuller
Winner: Emily Carella, NAAC

November 12, 2013
Michael Phelps holds the most Individual Maryland State Records, who holds the second most?
Answer: Katie Hoff
Winner: Anna Mason, NBAC

October 12, 2013
Question: What is the name of the 64 year old female Open Water Distance Swimmer who just swam the 110 treacherous miles across the Gulf of Mexico between Cuba and Florida? She was the first person to do so without a protective shark cage or swim fins.
Answer: Diana Nyad
Winner: John Fitzsimmons, CAA

September 12, 2013
Question Annapolis became the capital of Maryland in 1695 - and hosts the Short Course MD Swimming State Championship Meet every year. The city that hosts the MD Swimming Long Course Championship Meet every year, was the capital of Maryland before Annapolis. One of the most historic cities in all of North America, what is the name of this city?
Answer: St. Mary's City, MD
Winner: David Costomski, EST

August 8, 2013
Question:: Michael Phelps qualified to swim 8 events at the 2012 Olympics. He scratched the 200 M Freestyle. Yannick Agnell from France, won the 200 M Free Gold at those Olympic Games. Where is Yannick now  training, to go for Gold again in Rio 2016?
Answer: NBAC
Winner: Allison Tomsuden (NBAC)

July 12, 2013
Question: In a long course pool, the backstroke flags are hung 5 meters from each end of the pool so that a backstroker knows how many strokes he has left until the wall...What is the purpose of the 15 meter markers?
Answer:A swimmer can no longer be under water from a start or turn after the 15 meter marks.
Winner: Sophia Schulze (NBAC)

June 12, 2013
Question:The FInal 3 cities in the running for the 2020 Olympics are Madrid Spain, Istanbul Turkey and Tokyo Japan. Usaria is the ancient name for Madrid, Edo is the old name for Tokyo, what is the old historic name for Istanbul?
Answer: Constantinople or Byzantium 
Winner: Leah Evans, NAAC

May 12, 2013
Question: Who are the 3 Maryland Swimming Coaches, and their teams, that have coached the most number of years?
Answer: Tim Pierce (47), LBA; Nancy Malchak (36), RAC;and Tom HImes (34), NBAC   
Winner: Lexi Cucchiaro (RAC)

April 12, 2013
Question: On May 11, 2013, one American will be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His dad was inducted in 1981. Who is this 10 time Olympic Medalist that will be honored in May?
Answer: Gary Hall, Jr.
Winner: Lamce Rombro (NBAC)

March 12, 2013
Question: February is Black History Month. Name the 3 Black Heritage USA Olympic Swimmers at the 2012 Olympic Games?
Answer: Lia Neal, Cullen Jones, Anthony ervin
Winner: Melody Jones (GMAC)

February 12, 2013
Question: A 3 part question: (a) What Club in Maryland has the most swimmers? (b) What club has the most coaches? (c) What club has the most officials?
Answer: Swimmers: CAA  Coaches: FAST   Officials: NBAC
Winner: Zach Dean (NAAC)

January 12, 2013
Question: The USA Men have won Olympic Gold in the 100M and the 200M Backstroke in every Olympics since 1996. (1996: Rouse & Bridgewater; 2000: Krazelberg won both; 2004: Piersol won both; 2008: Piersol & Lochte) Who won the Men's 100M Backstroke and who won the Men's 200M Backstroke at the 2012 Olympics?
Answer: Tyler Clary and Matt Grevers
Winner: Erin Lillis (MAC)

December 12, 2012
Question:Hawaiian swimming legend Duke (Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola) Kahanamoku was a USA Swimming and Water Polo Olympian who medaled 5 times. (He also introduced surfing to the Mainland USA and to Australia). The only other American to qualify for the Olympics in both Swimming and Water Polo is from Maryland and swam at NAAC. That person was inducted into the Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame in 2003. What is his name?
Answer: Bradley Schumacher
Winner: Abbby Furlow (MPSC)

November 12, 2012
Question: The 1956 Olympics were the first Olympics where the Butterfly stroke was swum as its own event. Shelly Mann of the USA won the first woman's gold (100m) and William Yorzyk of the USA won the first men's gold (200m). Who won those same events - Women's 100m Fly and Men's 200m fly, at the 2012 Olympics?
Answer: Dane Vollmer and Chad le Clos
Winner: Caroline Emery (ASC)

October 12, 2012
Question: The first ever Olympic Gold Medal in Swimming was won in 1896. Swimmers jumped off a boat into the Mediterranean Sea and first one to shore won. The first year a pool was used in the Olympics was in 1908. Who was the host city for the 1908 Olympic Games??
Answer: London, England
Winner: Kelly Fields (NBAC)

September 16, 2012
Question:14 Year old Annaleise Carr of Canada just swam 32 miles across which one of the Great Lakes, to raise money for a children's cancer camp?
Answer: Lake Ontario
Winner: Caroline Wenstrand (GBSA)

August 26, 2012
Question: In what city and country will the 2016 Olympics be held?
Answer: Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Winner: Greg Costello (CAA)

August 5, 2012
Question: How many Americans are swimming 3 or more Individual Events in the 2012 Olympics?
Answer: 3 - Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin
Winner: Erika Katsumoto (HUHU)

June 1, 2012
Question: At both the U.S. Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games, how many swimmers move on from Prelims to swim in Semi-Finals, AND, how many swimmers move on from Semi-Finals to swim in Finals?
Answer: 16 in Prelims and 8 in Finals
Winner: Shannon Cucchiaro (RAC)

April 27, 2012
Question: What is one swimming event at the U.S. Olympic Trials in which more than 2 swimmers can qualify to swim at the Olympic Games?
Answer: 100m Free or 200m Free
Winner: Sabrina Elshafei (EST)

January 27, 2012
Question: We have just entered an Olympic year.  What are the dates of this year's U.S. Olympic Team Trials?
Answer: Olympic Trials: June 25 - July 2, 2012
Winner: Matthew McGoey (EST)

December 30, 2011
Question: Who are two swimmers on the Top Swims of 2011 list from the November/December issue of Splash Magazine?
Answer: Missy Franklin, Dana Vollmer, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Natalie Coughlin, Rebecca Soni, Sun Yang, Brendan Hansen
Winner: Lindsey Bartlett (RAC)

September 16, 2011
Question: In which Olympic Games did Tommy Hannan, one of this year's MD Swimming Hall of Fame inductees, compete?
Answer: 2000 Olympic Games
Winner: Daisy DeMonte (LBA)

August 26, 2011
Question: What USA Swimmer broke the World Record in the Men's 200 meter IM at the 2011 World Championships?
Answer: Ryan Lochte
Winner: Hollie Adejumo (RAC)

July 8, 2011
Question: On what page of the MD Swimming website can you find a link to the upcoming 2011 televised swimming competitions?
Answer: The Homepage
Winner: Will Roberts (NAAC)

June 10, 2011
Question: What are the qualifying times for both the boys & girls, 10 & Under 50 Backstroke for this years MD Long Course Championships?
Answer: Girls: 44.69, Boys: 44.89
Winner: Joanna Wattenberg (HUHU)

May 13, 2011
Question: Where are the MD Long Course Championships being held this year?
Answer: St. Mary's College, St. Mary's City, MD
Winner: Allison Hu (EST)

April 15, 2011
What are the Scholastic All American Time Standards for both the Men's & Women's 200 IM LCM & the 400 Free LCM?
Women's LCM - 200 IM & 400 Free: 2:27:59 & 4:30:69
Men's LCM - 200 IM & 400 Free: 2:13:59 & 4:09:79
Kayla Synder (NBAC)

February 18, 2011
What is the maximum number of swimmers (combined men and women) that can be selected for the U.S. World ChampionshipTeam?
Devin McClure (NAAC)

January 21, 2011
What event is swum at the Olympic Games by men but not by women?
The 1500 meter freestyle
Jennifer Decker (RAID)

January 1, 2011
Which meet has faster qualifying times; the 2010 Speedo Short Course Junior National Championship or the 2011 Speedo Junior National Championship Meet?
2011 Speedo Junior National Championship Meet
Mairyn Branaman (CBAC)

December 1, 2010
How many clubs are registered with MD Swimming?
39 or 40
Abby Merriman (CGA)

November 5, 2010
Who was the first person inducted to the MD Swimming Hall of Fame?
Aruther "Reds" Hucht
Alex Blair (LBA)

September 24, 2010
Who are the new Senior & Junior MD Swimming Athlete Representatives?
Sr Rep: Oliver Bennett (LBA) & Jr. Rep: Cody Edwards (ASC)
Jenna Ewing (NAAC)

August 13, 2010
What French Baron born in 1863 is credited with reviving the Olympic Games?
Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Cassie DeSalvo

July 9, 2010
Where are the next Summer Olympics being held?
Will Pelton

June 18, 2010
Who are 3 swimmers on the current U.S. National Team either from MD or who currently swim on a MD LSC team?
Anne - Marie Botek, Felicia Lee, Elizabeth Pelton, Brennan Morris, Michael Phelps
Charlotte Simpson

May 7, 2010
Who currently holds the Long Course American Record for both the Men's & Women's 1500 Meter Freestyle?
Women's: Kate Ziegler
Men's: Larsen Jensen
Anne Tillie (ACA)

April 16, 2010
Which Men's team and which Women's team won the 2010 NCAA Division I Swimming Championships?
Men's: Texas
Women's: Florida
Aaron Jacobson (RAC)

March 26, 2010
How many LCM World Records are currently held by Americans?
13 LCM World Records
Gabriel Gregorzak (NBAC)

March 5, 2010
In what year did the U.S. Men's Team win every swimming event at the Olympic Games?
1948 London Summer Olympics
Kelsey Abernathy (CAA)

February 12, 2010
In what year did Backstroke make its first appearance in the Olympic Games?
Hint: USA Swimming History
Alissa Ling (RAC)