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     "A profession is a vocation founded upon specialized educational training, the purpose of which is to supply objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain"  ..COACHING is a PROFESSION....increase your specialized educational training

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    2 Minute Drill for Coaches from the Positive Coaching Alliance
    Dear Maryland Swimming Coach,

    Cultivating Team Leaders

    You will want to identify players who are leaders and others you can help develop into leaders. Youth have a way of communicating with each other that adults just cannot replicate, so it is often useful to let players lead in team meetings, practices, games and social situations. It will help all your players to hear voices of leadership other than yours.

    Having athletes on your team who are leaders will improve your team's results. Plus, an important part of your role as a Double-Goal Coach® is to help youth become leaders who can lead beyond sports.

    Coach 2.10.2015


    Health Care for Coaches and Officials

    Exciting news on a healthcare opportunity for USA Swimming Coaches and Officials on January 2nd 2015!

    Due to numerous requests from our membership, a private healthcare exchange is now available to all Coaches and Officials of USA Swimming.

    Qualifying members and their families, like with the state and federal exchanges, may be eligible for a federal subsidy based on income.

    The USA Swimming private healthcare exchange offers all of the same major medical plans with the same costs as the state and federal exchanges with these awesome benefits:
    1. Protection from the Affordable Care Act law that requires all Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. The penalty will more than triple in 2015.
    2. Red carpet concierge service from Licensed Benefits Advisors (LBA) who will provide the following:
    - Utilization of a subsidy calculator to assess if you or your family qualify for a government subsidy that will help pay for your health insurance
    - The LBA can hand walk each member through the confusing application process to explain and help them elect the best plan available for themselves and their families
    3. The ability to enroll in additional benefits
    4. Bilingual LBA’s are available

    The USA Swimming exchange site is here:

    Below are important Key Dates to be aware of when visiting our exchange:

    Jan. 11-15th – Heavy volume for 2/1 effective dates
    Feb. 11-15th – Heavy volume for 3/1 effective dates and end of Open Enrollment
    Feb. 15th - Open Enrollment ends
    *Heavy volume dates may have longer hold and answer times and outbound calls will be limited.

    Here are some suggestions if you experience extended hold service times:

    1. Go to the USA Swimming exchange site and enter in your personal contact information. Include the best phone # to be able to reach you. You will receive a call back from a Licensed Benefits Advisor within
    24 hours with concierge service
    2. Enter your phone # to save your spot and receive a call back
    3. Leave a voice mail with your contact information to receive a call back

    We are excited to offer to all Coaches and Officials of USA Swimming the opportunity to take full advantage of the federal programs & potential subsidies prior to the 2/15/15 end for open enrollment.


    Is this you??? "10 Things Coaches are Always Saying" - click here to watch


    Safe Sport Literature

    As adults who interact with children on a daily basis, there may come a time when a child turns to you for support for abuse that is taking place in their life. Child abuse can take many forms and while it does not always lead to injuries that you can see, it can result in severe emotional harm that can have long-lasting effects. Please refer to a handout from the Office for Victims of Crime for information about what to do should this happen. The handout is titled ‘What Adults Need to Know about Child Abuse’ and you can access it here. As trusted adults, we can have a very positive impact and be a huge support for children who are suffering.



    Coaching Clinics

    Club Reimbursement for Coach Clinic Attendance: MSI will reimburse any MSI club up to $4000 per year for coach attendance at either the annual ASCA World Coaches Clinic, the annual Eastern States Coaches Clinic or the USA Regional Coaches Clinic. Reimbursement is based on refunding of clinic registration fee, transportation and hotel. Receipts must be provided.


Coach Certification Info


New STSC Skills

This skills sheet can replace the STSC in-water skills session done with an ARC instructor and therefore can replace the ARC STSC certification itself if accompanied by the STSC Online Content Only certification. If the coach cannot find an ARC instructor to provide the full STSC course, an instructor from one of the agencies listed on the Skills Sheet can work with the coach and sign the form. The coach must complete the STSC Online Content Only course, print the certificate and present it at the time of the skills demonstration. This new procedure was approved by the Operational Risk Committee at convention and can be used starting immediately by coaches who need to renew STSC and do not have an acceptable lifeguard certification.

The coach and the instructor are required to sign the form and falsification of this document may constitute a Code of Conduct violation. It is not your responsibility to question the validity of the instructor's signature unless you have reason to do so. In that event, contact the agency that certified the instructor and try to confirm that the instructor's certification is valid and that the skills session did take place.

A copy of the STSC Online Content Only certification and this signed Skills Sheet should be sent to the LSC Registrar; together, they complete the STSC requirement. The STSC expiration date will always be the one on the STSC Online certification because this one will always expire first.

General Info