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    Important News and Info

    New link  on website for Fundamentals of Coaching Test

    Interested in being a Lifeguard this summer?
    Already a Guard, but need to get your certifications renewed?
    McDonogh Summer Camps is hosting a training course.

    The price of the lifeguarding certification is $350.
    $75 non-refundable deposit required to purchase equipment and hold the spot.
    This certification includes: Lifeguarding,CPR,AED,First aid.
     CPR & AED certifications are good for 2 years.
     Lifeguarding & First Aid certifications are good for 3 years.
    The price for just CPR/ AED Recertification (good for 2 years) is $75, hosted on April 26th, starting at 12n.
    The class will be held in the pool area inside the athletic center.
     Saturday, April 19: 9am-5pm
     Saturday, April 26: 9am-5pm
     Sunday, April 27: 9am-5pm
    Sign-Up For The Course
    Any questions, please contact Jeff Taegel or 410-206-4520

    The old STSC online test is no longer available.

    First Aid - no longer a required separate certification (is included in the Safety training for Swim Coaches Certification now. Do not send copies of First Aid certifications.
    CPR - now good for 2 years unless course record states only 1 year. Do not have to be registered with USA Swimming to take CPR.

    Safety Training for Swim Coaches (STSC) - now good for 2 years - includes First Aid - ARC On Line portion costs $19 - Water component has an additional fee -  Results no longer sent to LSC Office  - you must provide on line course and test results along with an in water/pool component (Lifeguarding or ARC STSC in pool) May also include a bundle including CPR if done at a Red Cross Class. Do not have to be registered with USA Swimming to take these courses - they are ARC courses not USA Swimming courses.

    Background Check - Must be renewed every 2 years - On Line Fee - results sent directly to LSC Office - do not send your copy! Do not have to be in USA database to do the Background Check.

    Athlete Protection Training (Safe Sport - APT) - now expires with annual membership every year on December 31st. No Fee. Must be in USA database to complete this course. Do not send your copy.

    Fundamentals of Coaching - New Coaches must complete FOC 101, a USA Swimming on line test. $15 fee. Do not have to be in the USA database to take this course. 2nd Year coaches must complete FOC 201 and Rules & Regulations for Swim Coaches, $25 total fee, before they can register for their 2nd year as a coach. (no matter when the first year was). Must be in the USA database to take FOC 201. results are sent directly to the LSC Office - do not send your results.

    2014 Coach Membership Requirements

    2014 Accepted Safety Certifications List    

    2014 Safety Training for Swim Coaches Fact Sheet

    2014 ARC Safety Training for Swim Coaches Explanation Chart


    Safety Training Certifications available from these providers:

    Bill Kirkner    
    Jeff Taegel
    Rob Fox    

    Changes in First Aid Requirement

    Effect September 1, 2013, coaches will no longer be required to have a separate Frist Aid Certification. This is due to the fact that the Safety Training for Swim Coaches Course includes First Aid.

    The New Fundamentals of Coaching for Coach Applicants has Launched!
      Foundations 101 is now required prior to coach membership (just like the APT and Background Check), A coach applicant does NOT have to have a SWIMS record to take Foundations 101. The course will cost $15.

      Click on the link then – as a non-member – scroll down to the very bottom of the screen to “Select a Course”. Click on that and the next screen asks “are you a USA Swimming member”. A non-member would click on “No”. On the next screen, click “Continue”. On the next screen, the only option is to pick Foundations of Coaching 101 and get started by providing payment information.
      Coaches renewing for their 2nd year must pass Foundations 201 AND the Rules and Regulations for Coaches. There is a $25 fee for the FOC 201 course, but there is no fee for the Coaches Rules & Regulations.                         

    Change in Red Cross CPR Certification:

    • The American Red Cross has changed the way CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certifications are issued. Certificates issued in a CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer course will now be valid for two years except for lifeguards whose certification will remain one year. The certificate issued for these courses will be a new certificate titled CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider - this is good for two years and is issued to people who are in a position to use CPR/AED skills on a regular basis due to job responsibilities. The certificate issued to lifeguards will be a new certificate titled CPR/AED for Lifeguards which is valid for one year.

List of all Certified USA Pools