Upcoming Officials Clinics


    June 14, 2016
    7:00 PM
    River Hill Pool, Columbia MD
    Meeting Room is right next to the pool
    6330 Trotter Road
    Clarksville, MD
    Facilitator: Dipper Wettstein






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2014 Champs Volunteers

The sport of swimming would not exist without its many volunteers. Swimming probably requires more volunteers and more volunteer time than any other sport. That is why we love our volunteers!!

Ode to a Volunteer

Get Involved!!!
Volunteer and you will enjoy going to meets more, you will develop a better understanding of the sport your athlete has chosen to participate in, and you will have a special bond with your swimmer (even if they don’t admit it right away).

Why Should You Volunteer to Help Your Swim Club? (ASCA Article)

Be a Timer
There are two ways you can help by timing.
1. Just talk to your coach or team volunteer coordinator and let them know you are interested in helping.
2. At any meet let the meet director know you are interested if they need help.

Become an Official (click to be directed to the officials page)
Help the swimmers develop by making sure they complete their races with legal stroke technique.
As you advance you may help with the organization and running of the meet.

Be a Safety Marshall
Help keep the swimmers safe at the meet.
As a safety marshall you will patrol the facility and pool deck to make sure no unsafe activities are taking place.
Just talk to your coach or team volunteer coordinator and let them know you are interested in helping.

Work the Computer
During most meets volunteers are needed to run two pieces of computer equipment.
1. The electronic timing system (Colorado or Daktronics) takes the times from the touch pads and relays them to the computer program that runs the meet.
2. The Hy-tek Meet Manager software organizes and runs the meet and keeps track of all results.

Be a Meet Director
This position oversees and organizes the running of your team's meet, from drafting a meet notice and obtaining a sanction to organizing volunteers to collecting the entries.  This is a very challenging job and if done well is truly an art form but is very rewarding at the same time. 

Be a Club Registrar
Each USA Swimming club team has a registrar who keeps track of all team registrations, both renwals and new swimmers, and forwards those one to the MD Swimming registrar (Pat Kaplan - registration@mdswim.org). This job is crucial to the continued functioning of both your club and MD Swimming.

Serve on a Board of Directors
1. Many clubs have a board of directors that help the head coach by taking care of many of the administrative duties and tasks involved with running a club.  Speak with your head coach to find out how to volunteer.
2. Maryland Swimming has a Board of Directors who help promote youth development through competitive swimming. For information on how to become involved contact office@mdswim.org

Maintain your Club's Website or Newsletter
Communication is critical to a well run organization.  Teams are always looking for a reliable person to work on their communication networks.  Ask your head coach if your team needs your help.

Work Concessions at a Meet
A large fundraiser for teams that host a meet is the concession stand.  If you team hosts a meet chances are they need plenty of help manning the concessions.

Chaperone a Team Trip
Many teams will go to travel meets and need responsible adults to watch after the swimmers when they are not with the coaches. Speak with your head coach to find out if the team needs your help.