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Gaggle of Swimmers

All coaches have the 2015 Bag Tags for each of their swimmers: 8 & U Year Round Swimmer Tags , Be Safe This Season Tags for all swimmers, Qualifying Times for each of the 2 State Championship Meets and USA Swimming Time Standards tags - if you do not have yours - check with your coach or email

Swimmers: The new AAAA Bag Tags are Out!!! Make sure you get yours - Swim a new AAAA time in an event then make sure your coach requests your tag

New Wave Swim Club is pleased to host a Mutual of Omaha BREAKout! Swim Clinic in Southern Maryland!   

Please join us in welcoming two Olympians, Josh Davis and Christine Magnuson, to swimming in Southern Maryland!  
Date:  Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  Check-in at 8:30am.
Location:  Hall Aquatic Center, 130 Auto Drive, Prince Frederick, MD  20678
Ages:  8-18 yrs
Register Online for the Mutual of Omaha BREAKout! Swim Clinic or visit and then select BREAKout! Swim Clinic Registration. 
Space is limited - Don't Delay - Register Today!
Early Registration:  $65.00
After December 1st:  $75.00
Registration Includes:  in-water and dry-land group instruction; BREAKout! bag with a T-shirt; poster, DVDs and other souvenirs; 
Q&A with the Olympians; photo opportunities and autographs ; drink and snack following the clinic


The latest from Olivier Leroy:


Oh, hi there!

Recently I was laying on the couch recovering after a long workout in a thousand-yard-stare stupor. Protein shake in hand, I kicked off my socks and flicked my running shoes across the room and sank deeper into the couch.

(Pointless sidenote: In case you were wondering, my couch is like a black hole of time. You sit down on it, which transitions into laying on it, which rather quickly progresses into waking up some indeterminate amount of time later with a little drool on your chin and a general unawareness of what day or time it is. See? Black hole of time. Moving on!)

Perhaps it was the lateness of the day, the vigor with which I had completed my workout, or the fact that I had watched Sportscenter three times over, but I stopped my channel surfing on a commercial for a national pizza chain.

I won’t torture you or myself by going over how good and succulent that pizza looked, because that would just be mean. But the close ups on the pepperoni, and the cheese being pulled apart… Not even fair.

Anyways. When the commercial ended, voila, a vintage 1980’s war movie. Right up my alley.

What movie had I landed on? I learned later that it was Heartbreak Ridge, a 1986 film about Clint Eastwood as a “hard-nosed, hard-living” sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.

As is typical with just about any movie in the action/military genre, Eastwood’s character, appropriately named Gunnery Sgt. Highway (or just Gunny), is on his last chance with the brass, and is given the impossible task of reforming a troublesome yet likeable platoon of recon Marines.

I only made it about halfway through the movie, as that post-workout stupor quickly turned into a post-workout coma. But before I nodded off to sleep, Sgt. Highway said something that I think is super relevant to you and your swimming.

As he was leading the recon platoon out for another long run, a beleaguered platoon are grumbling and moaning about having to engage in yet another round of physical training.

Eastwood, err, Sgt. Highway, has this to say:

When you start looking like Marines, you’ll start feeling like Marines and pretty soon you’ll start acting like Marines.

See what he did there?

It’s pretty sage advice. Especially if you have big goals in the pool.

Let me explain.

All too often we get caught up with tail end of our goals. We fantasize about what it’s going ot be like on the podium when we get that sought-after gold medal. How good we are going to feel when we hit the wall in a flurry, look up at the scoreboard, and see our name at the top.

We focus too much on the result, and forget about the process.

If you want to be that swimmer who stands at the top of the podium, you need to start acting like the swimmer that is standing at the top of the podium.

If you want to the swimmer that breaks a state record, start behaving like the swimmer that breaks state records.

Don’t wait to become that swimmer; be that swimmer now.

With your actions. With your habits. With your beliefs.

Don’t wait to be. Act as if you already are.

After all, Sgt. Highway says so.

See ya at the pool,



This is awesome - who has the best 60ft vertical jump? . click to watch!

Are you a Swim Zombie? Click to read How to swim AND get sleep and good grades! 

Your Senior Athlete Rep is... Ben Costello, CAA

Your Junior Athlete Rep is ... Allison Hu, EST
Check it out - First MD Swimming Scholarships to be awarded in Spring of 2015.


Class of 2014 ..where are your swim mates (and your competitors) going to college?

Click to see the The New Backstroke Starting Device

Ten Tips to Be Your Best

By Jon Gordon

As I hit the road this week to speak during training camp to the Atlanta Falcons and University of Clemson football team I wanted to share 10 tips from Training Camp to help you be your best.


I think a lot of people spend their life being average or good at something, but they don’t strive to be great. The best of the best not only know what they want, but they want it more.


We cannot measure desire in terms of merely thought and wishes. The best not only do the things that others won’t do and invest the time others won’t invest, but they do so with passion and intent to get better. The best are never satisfied with where they are.


If you are striving to get better, then you are always growing. And if you are always growing, then you are not comfortable. To be the best, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable, and embrace it as a part of your growth process. The best see where there is room for improvement and their humility and passion drives them to improve. The average ones however, don’t see it or don’t want to see it. The fact is past success does not determine future success. Future success is the result of how you work and prepare and practice and how you strive to improve every day. It’s a commitment that the best of the best make every week, every day, every hour, and every moment. Force yourself to be uncomfortable.


Work hard on the right things. It means you must identify the very “little things” that are fundamental to your success, and then you must focus on them, practice them, and strive to execute them to perfection.


There is no secret recipe. If you incrementally improve each day, each week, each month, by the end of the year you’ll see remarkable results and growth. When you zoom-focus on the process, the outcome takes care of itself. Master the fundamentals.


Being mentally strong means you stay positive through adversity. It means you are resilient when facing pressure, challenges and change. Weed and feed: Each day you need to weed out negativity and feed it positivity. You need to weed out the self-doubt and negative talk and feed it positive thoughts, memories and visuals.


Those that succeed, those that reach the pinnacle of greatness, are able to face this battle (overcoming fear) and win.


When the best are in the midst of their performance they are not thinking ‘What if I win?’ or ‘What if I lose?’ They are not interested in what the moment produces, but they are only concerned with what they produce in the moment. Rather than hiding from pressure, they rise to the occasion. As a result, the best define the moment rather than letting the moment define them.


You leave a legacy by living and working with a bigger purpose, you leave a legacy by making your life about more than just you. You leave a legacy by moving from success to significance.


The point is to strive to be your best and inspire others to be their best, because it’s in the striving where you find greatness, not in the outcome.

Which is your favorite tip? What are some other ways your bring out the best in yourself and others?

USA Swimming Offers Athlete Protection Training to All Swimmers! Click Here!

The perfect meet snacks for your swim bag - they won't get all black & squishy like a banana!

Are you moving? How to handle the 120 day rule - as soon as you find out!

Do your goggles fit?

Test: A method to test whether swim goggles fit well or not is to start by holding the goggles

over your eyes and then press into your eye sockets with your fingers in a firm, but gentle

manner. Upon letting go, the goggles should stay in place if they fit correctly. If not,

find another pair and repeat the process.

How can you as a MD Swimmer be heard?

Do you have a suggestion about a meet, award, or website? You have two athlete reps who are your connection to the MD Swimming Board of Directors. Their job is to serve the athletes in MD Swimming by listening to you and bringing your suggestions and ideas to the administrators who make the decisions in our LSC.

Reporting Abuse

 If you or someone you care about has experienced abuse and are unsure how to proceed, please contact Susan Woessner or Liz HoendervoogtUSA Swimming strongly encourages the reporting of sexual miscounduct or bullying by any member. USA Swimming appreciates your willingness to report inappropriate behavior. By contacting either Susan or Liz, you give permission for USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program staff to contact you. Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly false or vindictive reporting will not be tolerated.

Bullying, by anyone, is Abuse! Report It

Deck Changing is Prohibited! Just don't do it.

What is DECK PASS?


Trivia Question

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New Question: 
An instructor said, “You are going to love this. Drown-proofing is one of my favorites. Sink or swim, sweet peas.”

I tied my feet together, and my swim partner tied my hands behind my back.

“When I give the command, the bound men will hop into the deep end of the pool,” Instructor Stoneclam said. “You must bob up and down 20 times, float for five minutes, swim to the shallow end of the pool, turn around without touching the bottom, swim back to the deep end, do a forward and backward somersault underwater, and retrieve a face mask from the bottom of the pool with your teeth.”

The hardest part for me was swimming the length of the pool and back with my feet tied together and hands tied behind my back. I had to flip around like a dolphin."

What elite organization (and it's number) would this man have been in training for?

Swimmers who have answered correctly: Lance Rombro, Mia Mesceda, Tess Becket, Shannon Cucchiaro, Lexi Cucchiaro

Last Month's Winner: Taylor Thomas, FAST

Answer: Los Angeles, Atlanta and Sydney

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