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How can you as a MD Swimmer be heard?
Do you have a suggestion about a meet, award, or website? You have two athlete reps who are your connection to the MD Swimming Board of Directors. Their job is to serve the athletes in MD Swimming by listening to you and bringing your suggestions and ideas to the administrators who make the decisions in our LSC.


Click to read the Minutes from Athlete's HOD Meeting June 7, 2015.. Questions, additions or corrections, please email

Recommendation Passed by the Athlete's HOD:
Re: MD State Champion State Championship Meets
If an event winner is 19 or older, than we recognize the Top 18 Year Old as the 18 & U Champion.
The free MD Swimming jacket goes to the 18 & U Champion.

Click to read The 10 Things Non Swimmers Say to Swimmers

Always Check Your Goggles!!
It has happened to Michael Phelps too!!
Lost Goggles

Do your goggles fit?

Test: A method to test whether swim goggles fit well or not is to start by holding the goggles

over your eyes and then press into your eye sockets with your fingers in a firm, but gentle manner. Upon letting go, the goggles should stay in place if they fit correctly. If not, find another pair and repeat the process.

The Latest & Greatest:

25 Common Mistakes That Swimmers Make That Undermines Their Training:
Thanks to 
Agustín Artiles Grijalba for contributing this story:

Under certain circumstances and in certain situations, the athletic aspirations that some swimmers may have are almost entirely dashed. They raise their hands to the sky and ask why oh why do the results they had hoped for elude them so, without fairly judging whether they genuinely made the necessary effort to achieve them or focused sufficiently on their training.

Below is a list of some of their most common mistakes:

  • Thinking that everything is done
  • Underestimating the competition
  • Abandoning targets after a poor performance
  • Letting study slide and leaving exam preparation for the day before
  • Overestimating your own individual talent and trusting too much in good luck
  • Leaving everything for the last minute
  • Seeking senseless excuses after a poor performance
  • Blaming poor results on your immediate surroundings
  • Faking an injury or illness when everything gets too much
  • Setting targets that are too high or impossible to achieve
  • Failing to attend training sessions
  • Not looking after your diet, not recovering properly, going to bed late and not sleeping enough to enable optimum athletic performance and health
  • Having a negative attitude
  • Not taking risks in certain situations
  • Failing to make the most of your abilities
  • Lack of humility
  • Avoiding dialogue with your coach when you disagree with something and then complaining behind their back
  • Believing you have to get good results in every competition and feeling bad, breaking down into tears and losing hope if you don’t, without realising there are ups and downs in all training processes, that you need to persevere and that even the best swimmers in the world make mistakes and perform poorly sometimes
  • Always having your mobile nearby while training
  • Doing things that can often lead to injury
  • Not knowing where your targets are leading you
  • Not warming up properly before a competition and failing to take care of the small details
  • Being unable to combine study and training when necessary

There are countless reasons for these mistakes, some of which I list below. For the most part, they can be avoided or their effects reduced.


  • Through a lack of awareness in the swimmer, they fail to stop and think about the possible consequences of certain decisions
  • Inadequate or a complete lack of information from the coach, who was incapable of properly warning or advising the athlete
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of respect for rivals
  • Inability to accept responsibilities
  • Laziness
  • Lack of foresight
  • Fear of ridicule
  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Carelessness
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of self-analysis
  • Arrogance
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of values


Form for reporting Abuse or Bullying - it is private - electronic and safe!!!

Swimmers:  Swim a new AAAA time in an event then make sure your coach requests your AAAA Bag Tag from Maryland Swimming.



Are you moving? How to handle the 120 day rule - as soon as you find out!

Reporting Abuse

 If you or someone you care about has experienced abuse and are unsure how to proceed, please contact Susan Woessner or Liz HoendervoogtUSA Swimming strongly encourages the reporting of sexual misconduct or bullying by any member. USA Swimming appreciates your willingness to report inappropriate behavior. By contacting either Susan or Liz, you give permission for USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program staff to contact you. Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly false or vindictive reporting will not be tolerated.

Bullying, by anyone, is Abuse! Report It

Deck Changing is Prohibited! Just don't do it.

What is DECK PASS?

Trivia Question

Winner Gets a $15 i-Tunes Gift Card

Any registered MD Swimming swimmer is welcome to play!!!

New Question:
On February 12, 2010 – Our very First Trivia Question was: In what year did Backstroke make its first appearance in the Olympic Games?  For our very Last Trivia Question (the game is ending after 6 really fun -and educational -  years!) we are gong to ask that same question..  Alissa Ling from RAC, was our first winner…will you be our final winner??

Correct Answers: Kobe Samuel, Julia Luljak, Julia Charen, Cole Lewis, Chase Lewis, Cooper Lewis, Ana Lesho, Timothy Mai, Matthew Arter, Yael Garcia, Michelle Feng

Last Week's Winner: Kobe Samuel, MSC

Last Week's Correct Answer: Chocolate Milk

Please email your answers to by 12 noon, Sunday, April 17,2016

How to play 

Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all of the correct answers submitted.

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