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Direct all Disability/Adapted Swimming Questions to Andrew Barranco at

The Maryland Swimming disability committee is committed to providing an environment for disabled swimmers to participate with clubs and in LSC sanctioned meets.

When registering swimmers please mark on the registration form if the athlete has a disability. There are a lot of opportunities for education and swimming events outside of Maryland.

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Adapted Swimmer

Maryland Swimming Disability News 

January 2016: Received letter and pictures of SPRC's Tatiana Orsburn attending the Jimi Flowers Classic at the USA Swimming Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The meet is  a national classification meet for adaptive swimmers. Tatiana and her family were able to apply for and receive assisting funds from the MD Swimming Discretionary make this an incredible experience for them all..


Hello to the Executive Board,
On behalf of Tatiana Orsburn's parents and the SPRC Stingray Family, I would like to thank you for the Discretionary Funds that you supplied to the Orsburns.  Without this help, the family would most likely not have been able to afford the trip.
The Jimi Flowers Classic at the Olympic Training Center was an amazing experience for all of us.  Tatiana was able to swim with and against many other athletes facing similar, as well as greater, challenges.  This experience opened up a world of opportunities for Tatiana, and it gave her parents a whole host of new resources for their daughter's journey in swimming.
Tatiana learned a lot, had so many fun experiences, and swam very well.  Not only did she receive a medal from an older athlete who was passing it along as an incentive and encouragement, but she actually received a medal herself - for the 200M FR.
We know that this experience has fostered great joy in swimming for Tatiana, and we hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful adventure for her.  Again, thank you so much for your support.
Maureen Kogut on behalf of the SPRC Stingrays

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